Bitcoin + HVAC = Hash-Vac

Why BitCOIN?

Bitcoin mining is uniquely suited to integration with HVAC systems because it transforms the heat generated during the mining process into a valuable resource. By simultaneously securing the Bitcoin network and utilizing the heat output, Hash-VAC systems can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing net energy costs.


This synergy not only benefits the environment by promoting sustainability but also supports the broader adoption of Bitcoin's decentralized financial network, making it a win-win solution for both your wallet and the planet.

WhAT is hashing?

Hashing is the process of transforming input data into a fixed-length string of characters.


Example (SHA256):
Input A: "Hash-VAC makes use of bitcoin's waste heat."
Output A: "eab9ae9d5a32705964af7d577b24916f


Input B: "Hash_VAC makes use of bitcoin's waste heat."
Output B: "5126e43f5cd450238a52b8b43e09eb3b



Notice how although we only replaced the dash (-) with underscore (_) the outputs are completely different in every respect. 


Any modification to the input data results in a significantly different output hash and it is impossible to anticipate the output based on the input.

WhAT Do hashes have to do with bitcoin?

Working on this one... Coming Soon.